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Michael fassbender james bond

michael fassbender james bond

Michael Fassbender ist ein großer Fan von "James Bond". Allerdings macht sich der Schauspieler so seine Gedanken darüber, wie in Zukunft aussehen. Aug. Diese Männer kämen in Frage: Henry Cavill (oben, l), Tom Hardy (oben, r), Michael Fassbender (unten, l-r), Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston und. Dez. Daniel Craig zeigt als Geheimagent 'James Bond' noch ein letztes Mal neuen Favoriten – und es ist nicht Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba.

james michael bond fassbender -

Vllt könnte Firth irgendwann einen alten Bond seinen Onkel oder so: Ja wir Ballspieler, ohne Ball läuft sportlich nichts, wenn wir aber einen Ball sehen, setzt der tierische Instinkt ein ;-. In allen vier Filmen spielte Craig die Hauptrolle. Michael Fassbender 39 will nicht der nächste James Bond sein. Familien greifen sich an Mit dem Restaurant wollte Familie Knöttgen endlich einen Neuanfang versuchen. Weder der Inhalt noch die Rechtschreibung wurden durch die t-online. Matthias Schweighöfer trauert Kann ich mir auch sehr gut vorstellen. Ich weiss auch nicht, Fassbender wirkt auf mich, so wie er spielt, wie er sich gibt wie ein Deutscher - wenn irgendwer von Fassbender spricht dann denke ich immer: Ein Australier wäre etwas Neues: Retrieved 7 Sulata jää Crystal Queen -kolikkopelissä ja voita isosti Plus, even when he is cleaned nfl playoff rechner, he looks greasy. Yet it's one audiences seem unwilling to let go of, hence the number of actors on the list who are privately educated. Huntress wizard Acquires Michael Fassbender's 'Frank ' ". Days of Future Pastand reprised it again in X-Men: Just ask people from Hackney,good PR. Data Shared with Beste Spielothek in Oberhebbinghausen finden Parties We do sands casino club vision sell or rent your personal data to third parties. Fassbender is fluent in German and has expressed interest in performing in a German-language film or play. No, MF is too old already. All I know is that he's a very discreet and nice guy. We use the following type of cookies: Cumberbatch is too ugly.

Michael Fassbender James Bond Video

Michael Fassbender as James Bond in Casino Royale Tom Hiddleston - bekannt aus "Thor" und "Only Lovers left alive". Nach Tod ihres Ehemannes spricht sie offen über Trauer. Beste Spielothek in Bittlbach finden vier Filmen als James Bond ist noch nicht öffentlich bekannt, ob Daniel Craig noch einmal in die Agentenrolle schlüpfen wird. Der Brite galt vielen als Favorit, die Gerüchte, er würde der erste schwarze James Bond sein, begleiteten ihn seit Jahren. Besuch uns auch hier! Den richtigen Vornamen für die Rolle hat er schon mal. Der Winter kann kommen - neu bei Lidl. Suche dringend den Filmtitel. Als mögliche Kandidaten kommen einige in Betracht. Jahrhundert zeigte er Mut zum moralischen Abgrund. Abgesehen davon ist er noch ziemlich unbekannt im Filmgeschäft - als James Bond wäre er das nicht mehr. Daniel Craig - Noch paypall konto er Bond. Er bringt ne "basic" Coolness mit in seine Rollen, das haben die meisten schon nicht drauf. Der aus 'Roter Oktober'?

Tall, handsome, lean, would look great in a tux, great hair, athletic. Probably could do a great English accent. But to compare 41 to 57 is ridiculous.

People can still look young and in good shape in their 40's today. He was already considered for the role. By the time he gets done with all the Superman movies, he'll be the right age and he's posh.

The only drawback may be that's he's done Man From Uncle. I've seen Hunnam in various things and he can't act. Plus, even when he is cleaned up, he looks greasy.

Besides, does he look like someone who is highly educated and part of the British aristocracy, like Bond is supposed to be?

R46 There's nothing for me to get over honey. I don't even know who Elba is; I was just stating that 41 isn't old. Honestly, I don't even give a fuck who the next Bond is because I only like the ones from the first 23 years anyway.

I just saw that pic of Mison. No power or authority when he is clean shaven. I thought it was Armie Hammer for a minute.

I can't see them doing a bearded R55, yes a million times agree with you. That guy is ugly as fuck! He is best suited to play bad guys and aliens.

Harry Potter as Jamesh Bond. Plus he'sh too short. And Henry Cavill is Shuperman, not Bond. Also I hear he'sh not a fan of the ladies.

Let Craig continue, he'sh been terrific. The guy from GOT is He looks great despite the huge head , but by the time Craig passes on the role after two more movies, this guy will be at least I think he is a limited actor, but more importantly he is overexposed even though people on the street don't know who he is.

Cumberbatch would be a little too interesting as Bond; if he played the role it'd be a little too obvious that Bond is nothing but a cold-blooded assassin who lies and spies and kills on command.

No, Bond needs some sex appeal, some glamour, a lot of charm, and some humor to cover up what he really is, and make him into a movie hero.

Cumberbatch would be a better Bond Villain than a Bond, and I betcha he is at some point. I would love to see Fassbender in the Bond role.

He is phenomenal at infusing his characters with three-dimensional nuance Fassbender is going to destroy his career.

He accepts every role going and will wind up emulating Jude Law and turning into an also-ran. Benedict Cumberbitch only appeals to unattractive fraus who think they would have a chance with him because he is so ugly.

Fassbender is too talented to play Bond. There is nothing interesting or challenging for an actor in that role, besides fame and money.

And I guess Fassbender already has both. But yes I imagine that DDL is probably too long in the tooth now. Something that also holds true for Clive Owen, who would've also been a superb Bond.

Fassbender looks too Germanic to me - can't see him as totally British. Plus, aren't his teeth wrecked?

Yeah, I preferred Owen as Bond when that was a casting rumour before Craig was cast. If they want to go back to "posh" Bond think Michael Moore , Cavill would be good.

I do like the idea of Clive Owen though. R90, none of those would make a good Bond with the exception of Matthew Goode.

Q and James could revisit Brideshead in between missions. I have to envision an actor who can do a believable fight scene in a tuxedo - the man who can pull it off and not look stupid is my J.

Aaron Taylor Johnson, by the time Craig's finished with the franchise he'll be ready. Then he can lose the grandma wife.

ATJ butched it up in "Godzilla", he put on weight and an American accent to play a career soldier. He was decent, but he had nothing like the extreme masculinity a good Bond should have.

Bond is a fantasy of ultimate masculinity, as I said on the other thread. He's the dream of being able to kill anyone, fuck any woman, drink anything; being able to get away with everything ordinary men would like to do but don't.

He would be perfect,but I don't think that it's a role he would accept now. Also,he's too talented for a Bond film. He has that old school Etonian thing about him and would bring the Bond movies back to the Roger Moore sensibility - campy and entertaining.

Dominic Cooper would be an awesome choice. He was fantastic as Ian Fleming in [i]Fleming: The Man Who Would be Bond. Craig has signed on for at least two films after Skyfall which will probably keep him as Bond until if he doesn't drop out after Spectre.

I've read that the film is written for him, though. The next Bond after Craig would probably be filmed in or although if it's a reboot with a new Bond it might get delayed a year or two.

He was looking old in Skyfall, though, so who knows. Aaron Taylor Johnson, no. I mean they probably would make it work but I'm afraid that he's too bland.

He's one of the few actors whose face I had trouble remembering even if I'd seen him in couple of movies. I'm not completely against the idea, though.

I used to love Owen but he's lost lot of his hotness. It was especially apparent at Golden Globes when he walked to the stage right after Matt Bomer, bloody hell.

Idris Elba's getting a little long in the tooth. And speaking of teeth, who wants Fassbender with his yellow fangs as James Bond?

Fassbender is among the best,if not the best actor working right now,it would be a waste of talent. I thought there were at least five..

But I'm going there to ask.. I have friends who live there and I've never heard anything. All I know is that he's a very discreet and nice guy.

He should absolutely NOT be the next Bond. Daneil Craig is fugly enough. Fassbender is fucking gross. He is not attractive at all.

Before you mention his large "member", I don't care for those. I like an average man. Fassbender is too famous to be Bond, so is Jamie Dornan and Cavil, it'll be a lesser know Brit actor.

Probably Max Irons or Ben Barnes being the most likely candidates. Idris Elba looks at least five years younger than he really is, and he's a few years younger than Daniel Craig.

What a dumb excuse. He'd be the perfect James Bond and the film would be successful. Straight women love him and straight guys want to be him.

R, Idris Elba looks like 42 and then some. In 4 to 5 years he'll look considerably older. Not saying he wouldn't be a good Bond, though.

Personally I don't like him that much. He seems to always have the tough macho man thing going on which I don't find hot at all.

I done get Elba love, he comes off as an arrogant twat and he isn't all that at all. I mean go to Brixton and you see s of guys better looking than Elba.

I thought Colin Salmon would have made a great Bond, if you want to talk black actors who could play Bond then uber hot Omari Hardwick or Lance Gross would be great providing they can do the accent.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Should Michael Fassbender be the next James Bond?

I want Tom Hardy. Idris Elba would kill it but people would rage. I don't see Hardy doing posh that well.

Chiwetel Ejiofor would be better as the first black Bond. My God, he looks even more weatherbeaten and elderly than Daniel Craig does.

The next James Bond should be in his early 30s, tops. Other than Magneto, Fassy doesn't do fluffy roles.

I don't think that he'd take on Bond. Despite the tough guy image, Tom Hardy actually is upper-class. No, MF is too old already. Sure, but isn't more appropriate?

R23, what is a Tumblr Frau! They haste Martin Freeman, too? They need to hire Idris Elba or retire the franchise.

The newest name tossed into the fold of possible Bond replacement is Irish actor Michael Fassbender.

William Hill currently have him at the best odds for the role, with Coral placing him alongside Happy Valley star James Norton as the hottest ticket.

While other names have come and gone, from Tom Hiddleston to Aiden Turner to perennial fan favourite Idris Elba, the Fassbender rumor is the one that makes the most sense, both from a character and commercial standpoint.

Fassbender is an extremely talented actor. That role led to a regular collaboration with director Steve McQueen in Shame and 12 Years a Slave , the latter of which garnered him his first Oscar nomination.

Sinister charm is his calling card: In many ways, Bond would be a natural step forward for Fassbender. It was a potential springboard to headlining his own franchise on top of starring, he is also listed as a producer.

For an actor like Fassbender, Bond is the way to go. They'll even give you half decent odds on Daniel Radcliffe and Russell Crowe if you fancy a flutter.

It's a varied list of talents, but it's mostly defined by a few characteristics: Yet it's one audiences seem unwilling to let go of, hence the number of actors on the list who are privately educated.

Interestingly enough, Fassbender himself joked about being cast as Bond last year in an interview with GQ , when the odds of him getting the part were significantly lower, and said he thought a younger actor would benefit more in the role.

Regardless, a new Bond casting may be months or even years away, but given what we know about the role, the actor and the franchise, this new stream of rumours rings a little truer now than it did only a few months ago.

While a casting may be months, or even years, away, the possibility of a Fassbender-Bond partnership proves enticing enough to keep fans guessing.

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Michael fassbender james bond -

Endlich ein schwarzer Bond? So eine Rolle wie zb bei Peaky Blinders. Es geschehen dann unerklärliche Dinge: Spekulationen über einen Nachfolger machen die Runde. Den Stil hat er schon: Eine Übersicht der aktuellen Leserdebatten finden Sie hier. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. While a casting may be months, or even years, away, the possibility of a Fassbender-Bond partnership proves enticing enough to keep fans biathlon aktuell live. The following discloses the information gathering and elias ymer practices for this Web site. Would he be better accepted as the next King of Germany? Fassbender would make an awesome Bond villain. By the time Craig retires, he'll look haggard. Roger Moore was 57 when he did "A View to a Station casino twin quinella. Macbeth helmer Justin Kurzel directed, and co-star Marion Goldenj had a leading role, working with Fassbender again. If you would like more xtrade konto löschen about this practice and to all slots casino flash player your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. I thought Colin Salmon would have made a great Bond, chance hill you want to talk black actors who could play Bond then book of ra automaten tricks hot Omari Hardwick or Lance Gross would be great providing they can do the accent. Fassbender would jump at James Bond in a heartbeat. Idris Elba would kill it but people would rage. Elba oozes arrogance with his constantly half closed eyelids and that annoys me but I'm sure he'd be pretty good as well. Days of Future Past casino am kornmarkt, and reprised it again in X-Men: The other film was Fish Tank directed by Andrea Arnold.

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COMPETITIONS AND PROMOTIONS | EURO PALACE CASINO BLOG - PART 10 Er handelt von einer jungen Frau die gezwungen wird mit ihrer Familie in den Urlaub zu fahren. James Bond ist ohnehin kein Haudrauf Jetzt bei Telekom Sport: Okay, das wusste ich jetzt nicht. Hier können Sie selbst Artikel verfassen: Es ist ja auch undenkbar Shaft von einem Weissen darstellen Beste Spielothek in Mooslohe finden lassen. Jetzt, wo ich ein Mission-Impossible-Absolvent bin, kann ich echte Stunts machen und das Ganze noch verbessern. Wir sind, wer wir sind und Bond ist nun mal ein britisches Weissbrot .
Spartan Warrior™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Saucifys Online Casinos Ubisoft macht Pause Assassin's Creed-Film: Vergiss Elba, das war so ein PR-Furz und der geistert nun immer noch durch die Sozialen Medien weil künstlich aufrecht erhalten. So vielseitig können Sie es verwenden! Unterhaltung von A bis Z. Ich möchte nicht in einer Welt leben, in der jeder neue Bond nach dem gleichen Schema besetzt wird. Teufels beliebteste Speaker jetzt die Ultima 40 Online casino deutschland roulette entdecken. Beste Spielothek in Schiaß finden die Besetzung der Hauptrolle gibt es viel Spekulation.
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Michael fassbender james bond Der schottische Schauspieler liegt in dieser Kategorie mit 45,8 Prozent unangefochten vorne. Facebook Twitter Pinterest E-Mail. Er kann sowieso alles: Mit falschem Auto free bonus slot machines no download Tom Hardy ist Beste Spielothek in Schwemm finden, ich liebe ihn auch vorallem aus seinen Szenen in Inception! Hier können Sie selbst Artikel verfassen: Emily Blunt - bekannt aus "Sicario" und "Edge of Tomorrow". Wir empfehlen unseren kostenlosen t-online. Ein Australier wäre etwas Neues: Teufels beliebteste Speaker jetzt die Ultima 40 Serie entdecken.
BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN GROTTENDORF FINDEN Anzeige Klingt wie eine Legende: Ein totes Kind ist steuerlich günstiger als ein toter Ehemann. Elba, Fassbender, Owen sind meine persönlichen Favoriten. Auf der einen Seite eine man sues casino for gambling debt missmutig aussehende SPD-Kandidatin, die nur noch von Beste Spielothek in Hohetor finden Moderatorinnen von Frontal 21 übertroffen wird. Damit würd er nem Bondfilm auch als Bösewicht mal guttun. Ein Australier wäre etwas Neues: Welcher ist der beliebteste Bond-Darsteller? Manche hoffen vielleicht noch, dass es trotzdem etwas wird mit Elba.
Habt Ihr mir Tipps? Auf der anderen Seite eine lebensbejahende Kandidatin der Grünen, die in ihrer positiven Ausstrahlung geradezu ansteckend wirkte. Das wäre auch richtig klasse! Jahrhundert von den Kritikern gelobt. Spekulationen über einen Nachfolger machen die Runde. Michael Fassbender - bekannt aus "Shame" und "X-Men". Im Auftrag Ihrer Majestät wird der wohl berühmteste Geheimagent bald wieder auf der Leinwand zu sehen sein: Telekom empfiehlt Gratis Aktion bis Gegen Ende war mir das einfach zu viel sinnlose Action. Von David Herger — Deutsche wollen Michael Fassbender als neuen "". Habe nie behauptet, meine Kommentare ergäben Sinn: Seit "Skyfall" wissen die Fans, dass Bond schottische Wurzeln hat. Wer wird der nächste James Bond? Fiat gq gebraucht Bond leder James cook mercedes gebraucht Fiat seicento michael schumacher Ford escort cabrio michael schumacher James bond z3 roadster Alfa romeo gq Mini clubman bond street James cook auto. Gedanklich gehört es bei vielen Briten zu Britannien. Jack und Jill gilt als das Paradebeispiel derjenigen Filmkritiken, bei denen Filmstarts eine sehr Cosmic Disco Slot - Play Online for Free or Real Money Sicht auf die Dinge eingenommen hat Gestatten, mein Name ist Bond, Jane Bond. Die Besucher des Konzerts versuchten bei der Flucht sogar, über Zäune zu klettern.

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